A literal artist, Matt’s creative lens celebrates commonplace objects and people of everyday life. From personalities to architecture, cars, plants and sport to his general surroundings; coupled with his assemblage of acrylic paint, mixed media and wood panels, Matt’s works continue to amalgamate and yet at the same time jump heroically in between pop art and contemporary art.

Through his direct experience as an art director and graphic designer within the advertising industry and the commercial art world, Matt was self trained in the visual language of mass culture and the techniques required to seamlessly merge high art with popular culture.

“Graphic design has been a huge influence on my artistic endeavours through composition first and foremost and exposure to colour palettes; but also by answering any number of diverse briefs, dealing with clients, producing strong ideas and placing a value on my art.”

He personifies everyday subject matter through his choice of bold colour palette and distinctive line work and in doing so, ensures his compositions are unique and gallant. This recognized artist is also a father and husband who remains down-to-earth when it comes to pleasing the masses.

“Not everybody is going to love your art. If you love it and it gives you true joy then that’s what matters. Belief in my own ability is the key to success.”

When Matt is not painting, he’s surfing, spending time with his family and travelling for inspiration. But generally he’s, “always thinking about the next painting.”


0438 840 843
Instagram: @mattdampneyart